Join Our Worldwide Race to End Dog Racing

GREY2K USA Worldwide is hosting a global race that enables supporters to help greyhounds by participating in a scheduled event or running their own race — anytime, from anywhere around the world!

Just create your own fundraising page, set your race length, donation goal, and choose an event date that is convenient for you. You can race on your own or start up a team. 

If you raise $250 or more in donations through your fundraising page you will receive a GREY2K USA medal. If you collect $500 or more for the greyhounds, we will also send you a Greyhounds Should Only Run for Fun shirt and matching GREY2K USA socks!

Want to race wearing official GREY2K USA Run for Fun gear? Order a shirt or socks now and we will refund you once you hit your goal.

Choose a fundraising goal and a deadline for your race. Describe your ambitions to your sponsors. Tell them why you are racing to end dog racing, and what your goal is.

To help map out your race, download the mapmyrun app on your iphone or android device. If you are looking for suggested routes, click on route genius to map a route nearby. Before you go on your run, open the app, select your route, choose your activity type and hit start workout. When you are finished share your results on facebook and mention you finished your GREY2K USA Race to End Dog Racing #run4fun.  Take photos before, after or during and post with the hashtag #run4fun.

Want to race with friends? Start a team after you create your own fundraising page.

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